Hello. I’m Danny, an American designer living in California.

I start companies, lead teams, & design products.

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  • A Payments Network for the Blockchain Era

    Americans spends $70 billion a year on plastic card payment fees, and 90% of that money goes to middlemen. We designed & built a new payments system that leverages blockchains to eliminate middlemen and put $63 billion back into the hands of businesses and people.

  • A Wearable Wallet for Digital Currencies

    Security and usability are two of the biggest challenges in the cryptocurrency space. We built a hardware wallet in the form of a watch, so you can easily secure your digital assets and move crypto hand-to-hand like real cash.

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  • A Minimalist Interface to Decrease Distractions

    The tech industry uses design patterns to maximize your screen time and control your attention, causing people to be more distracted and less focused. We made a screenless, wearable, easy button; so you can interact with your smartphone while keeping it stashed in your bag or pocket.

  • Delightful Apparel

    Technology plays a major part in our lives, yet few tech products consider your individuality. We aimed to create an apparel brand where fashion & tech converged into one lifestyle. We made wearables, LED leather jackets, shirts, and hats; promoted the products through social media, and sold directly to customers on our website.

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  • A Hyperlocal Magazine on Mountain Culture

    I was living in a Colorado ski town that had two newspapers, three magazines, and no clue about online publishing. I designed, built, and edited an online magazine to bring local news into the 21st century. We reported stories first, published real time updates with Twitter, and created media around events like Winter X Games, The Food & Wine Classic, and Aspen Ideas Festival.

  • Design, Dev, & Hustle

    A friend once asked me if I knew how to build a website. That one project gave me a side hustle that evolved into a full-service technology studio. We worked with dozens of startups on strategy, design, development, and marketing; and created online and offline experiences with brands like Red Bull, Ralph Lauren, & Twitter.

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The Way of The Future

  • Biography

    Danny Tamez is an American designer & entrepreneur living in California. He is currently working as Chief Product Officer at Tangem, a Swiss technology company focused on security of digital assets.

    He founded a blockchain payments company called ilmatic and lead the team to complete the first contactless, onchain, smartphone transaction in history. The team also built hardware wallets and minimalist interfaces as wearable devices. Before that, he ran a tech studio, Media Brigade, and worked with Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola.

    He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, and freelanced while studying film, technology convergence, and business. Postcollege, he set up basecamp as a digital nomad in Aspen, Colorado, and started several businesses before moving to Silicon Valley to pursue more ambitious ventures.

  • Statement

    My personal mission is to better the human experience through design. I believe that building products and starting companies is an incredible way to do that. My arsenal includes pixels, code, atoms, and alphanumerics; and I work on software, hardware, and non-tech products.

    As a founder, I have worked on hard things, and it has made me a 10x better designer. I take a 360° view of startups and see products from all sides - business, engineering, design, and more. This has become a big part of my process in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in new ventures.

    I believe that people are the most important factor in any project, and looking forward, I seek to work with the most talented, ambitious, and optimistic individuals; as well as discover hidden gems. Onward and upward.